Historic London Transport Maps

We have a collection of historic London Transport booklets that cover a number of subjects, there are some with the routes with through fare on one side (split into two images) and a map on the other side. Others include the 1937 Coronation Arrangements booklet, the 1948 London Olympics and the 1953 Coronation of Elizabeth II. Please select the booklet album for a closer look. Each booklet album has a number of images, the cover, the map or centre and back comprising of left and right side of the opened booklet or as a single image depending on the content.

There is a zoom function to enable a detailed examination.

Please note, to retain the quality of these maps the images are large, so may take a few seconds to appear.

1959 Visitors London

1953 Coronation Booklet

1951 Tube Map

1948 London Olympics

1947 Places of Interest Map

1947 No2 Map of Bus Routes

1946 Trolleybus and Tram Map

1937 Coronation Arrangements

1930 General Bus Map