About the Mill Hill Historical Society

Founded in 1929,

the objectives of the Mill Hill Historical Society are:

  • To encourage the study of history in all its aspects.
  • To organise meetings for lectures and visits to places of historical interest.
  • To collect and preserve every kind of historical record relating to Mill Hill.
  • To encourage the preservation of local place names and the names of distinguished residents.
  • To publish, in the form of books, leaflets and newspaper articles, information of historical value and also periodical reports of the Mill Hill Historical Society’s activities.

The Mill Hill Historical Society welcomes new members who are historically minded at whatever level.

In addition to lectures, the Mill Hill Historical Society organises a programme of visits to places of historical, literary and architectural interest.

The Mill Hill Historical Society co-operates whenever desirable with other bodies having similar interests.

The archives of the Society, which include articles and books published by members about people, buildings and historical incidents of importance in Mill Hill, are lodged with Barnet Local Studies and Archives, Hendon Library - 020 8259 3960.

The Mill Hill Historical Society Committee

Dr Richard J Bingle, M.A., D.Phil (Oxon)

Peter Keeley

Honorary Secretary:
Judith Sear

Honorary Treasurer:
David White

Honorary Outings Secretary:
Julia Haynes

Honorary Membership Secretary:
Jane Hartman

Honorary Committee Members:
Betty Gill

Publicity Secretary:
Miles Deverson

Mill Hill View 1

Winter Lectures

Lectures are on the second Wednesday of the month October to March and are held in the first floor meeting room of Trinity Church, 127 The Broadway, London NW7 3TJ. Outings take place from April/May to September.

For the latest information regarding lectures or outings please visit our Calendar page.


Members are entitled:

To receive information concerning activities of the Mill Hill Historical Society.

To attend lecture meetings held in Trinity Church, Mill Hill Broadway, at 2:30pm on the second Wednesday of the month from October to March (free to members).

To take part in outings to places of historical interest - usually four full day and six half day events - in the Summer months.

To attend other occasional functions held by the Mill Hill Historical Society.

Some recent publications

The Dissenters of Mill Hill
written and illustrated by Sheila Hume

Mill Hill Doorways
an A1 colour poster by Wendy Davis

Industrial Archaeology in and Around Mill Hill
by Wendy Davis

Subscriptions 2017

Individuals: £10.00
Family: £15.00
due each January.

New members are always welcome, applications can be made through our Contact page.

Ariel View of St Joseph's Missionary College
Mill Hill