01 The Dissenters of Mill Hill title page

The Dissenters of Mill Hill

by Sheila Hume

Over the centuries Mill Hill has been a haven for the often persecuted dissenters of the past who came to live in our quiet village on The Ridgeway, not only because it was outside the restrictions of the Five Mile Act, imposed in 1665 to enforce religious conformity, but because here they found mutual support in a community of like-minded free-thinkers who had lived in the area since the early seventeenth century.

Featuring among these dissenters were the brave and kindly Richard Swift, the popular Francis Wareham and the intrepid traveller Celia Fiennes. Here the growing Quaker community was visited by George Fox and in 1808 the first This content is for members only.

Cover Illustration

Quakers Outside The Grove by Sheila Hume

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