The Oldest House in London

What is the oldest house in London? London has a long history, so just how many old buildings have survived fire, war and the rebuilding of the various areas that make up London? These and other questions will be answered in Fiona Rule’s fascinating lecture drawing on her wealth of information about London.

Fiona Rule

Fiona RuleFiona Rule is a writer, researcher and historian. She is the author of five books:-
The Worst Street In London (2008)
London’s Docklands (2009)
London’s Labyrinth (2011)
Streets Of Sin (2015)
The Oldest House In London (2017)

A regular contributor to television and radio programmes, Fiona also has her own company, House Histories, which specialises in researching the history of people’s homes. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Local History from the University of Oxford.


Nov 14 2018


2:30 pm


Free to members
Trinity Church


Trinity Church
100 The Broadway, London NW7 3TB, United Kingdom


Mill Hill Historical Society

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