Royal Medicine Through the Ages

Royal Medicine Lecture

Royal Medicine Lecture

Annual General Meeting followed by Royal Medicine Through the Ages with Dr Barry Walsh, a Blue Badge Guide.

Blue Badge Tourist Guides are the official, professional tourist guides of the United Kingdom. They wear a Blue Badge to indicate their professionalism. They are recognised by local tourist bodies throughout the UK, and by Visit Britain as Britain’s official tourist guides. There are over 2000 Blue Badge guides in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, who guide at Britain’s tourist attractions and cities. Some guides run guided walking tours on themes such as Jack the Ripper, Harry Potter and The Beatles. They are responsible for the regular 2012 Summer Olympics walking tours and are the guides for the summertime public tours inside the Houses of Parliament.

Dr Barry Walsh

Dr Barry Walsh

Dr Barry Walsh


I have 12 years experience as a Central London based guide. I am also a practising doctor working in Public Health England. I do walking tours of Medical and scientific London . In addition I have have a passion for Art History and take groups around the National Gallery Tate Modern, and all major galleries and museums of London At the British Museum I do regular highlights tours but also specialise in the lesser known Galleries such as Islamic, Enlightenment, Living and Dying. Increasingly I do the Japanese , Chinese (inlc the Percival David collection) Waddesdon, Anglo Saxon (Sutton Hoo, Bible tours inlc (Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Persian) galleries

Personal Interests:

Art/ Painting


Medicine & Science

Asian & Islamic Art


Special Interests:

Art/Paintings & Sculpture
Tours of all London major Galleries, British Museum, National gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Wallace Colletion, Coourtauld Institute, Tate Briotain, Tate Modern. Lectuires on British Art Painting and British Sculpture

Comprehensive range of 10 seperate walking tours of Medical London , Old Operating Theatre, Wellcome Collection , Harley Street,Hunrterian Museum , Florence Nightingale, John Snow, Alexander Fleming, John Hunter

Tours and lectures on scientists in London, Newton, Hook, Faraday, Royal Society, Natural History Museum, Science Museum

Tours and lectures on Archaeology esp in British Museum. Includes General Highlight tours but also Islamic, Enlightenment, Living and Dying , Anglo Saxon (Sutton Hoo), Bible ( incl Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Persian) Japanese Chinese (incl Percival David), Greek, Roman.

London Areas in Depth
Walking Tours of City of London, Southwark, Soho, Gay and Lesbian London , Westminster, Covent Garden, St James’s, Belgravia, Mayfair, Paddington, Harley Street, Bloomsbury, Richmond

Tours/lectures of London Theatres, West End, British Theatre, Covent Garden, Southwark, Globe Theatre, Shakespeare Tours

Tours on Musical London, History of Opera in London, Covent Garden, Coliseum

Salisbury Cathedral, British Museum, Parliament, City of London, Canterbury Cathedral, 2012 Venues, Windsor & Eton

Additional Qualifications:


Mar 14 2018


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Free to members
Trinity Church


Trinity Church
100 The Broadway, London NW7 3TB, United Kingdom


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