London's Air Ambulance Helicopter at Tower Bridge

History and Development of the London Air Ambulance Service

London’s Air Ambulance

… is the charity that delivers an advanced trauma team to London’s most seriously injured patients.

Using a helicopter from 08:00 to sunset, and rapid response cars at night or in adverse weather situations, London’s Air Ambulance brings the hospital to the patient when time is critical. They perform innovative and potentially life-saving procedures usually found in the emergency department on-scene. The team, consisting of an advanced trauma doctor, paramedic and consultant on most missions, can perform treatments such as open heart surgery, blood transfusions and general anaesthetic by the roadside.

By providing intervention as quickly as possible after injury, they aim to give patients the best chance of survival, and best quality of life, after trauma.

The London Air Ambulance serve the 10 million people that live work and travel within the M25, treating an average of five patients every day. The most common incidents attended include road traffic collisions, stabbings and shootings, falls from height and incidents on the rail network.


Jan 08 2020


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Free to members, £2.00 for non-members
Trinity Church


Trinity Church
100 The Broadway, London NW7 3TB, United Kingdom


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